Factoid No. 16 - Technical Support On Tap - Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

Factoid No. 16 – Technical Support On Tap

How frustrating is it to find you can’t get your laptop to connect to the projector, or you can’t seem to access the WIFI … and then you have to wait … and wait for someone to come and help you?

We totally understand your frustration and have almost eliminated that emotion when you’re with us. It’s a good job too as these issues are so common – we typically help:

    – Three presenters every day struggling to connect their laptop to the projector;
    – One presenter every day struggling to project what is displayed on the laptop;
    – One presenter every month needing guidance to use the PA system.

We’ve worked hard to eliminate that feeling:

1. Check-in – If you’re the presenter, one of our operations team will join you around five minutes after you’ve arrived in the building to ensure that all your IT requirements are working. This includes:

giving you WIFI codes,
checking that your laptop connects to the projector,
checking that the display on the screen corresponds with what’s on your laptop,
making sure you’re familiar with the PA system if appropriate,
making sure you’re familiar with the Video Conferencing equipment if appropriate.

2. Immediate Help – If you experience any challenges during the day, you can call our office from your room or simply pop along to see us – the door is always open. We will be in your room within seconds of your alert and know how to resolve any issue.

3. IT Kit – We regularly update equipment so that nothing in the Venue reaches a dodgy age. Nonetheless, we also have spare projectors and even laptops that can be working within five minutes where necessary. So if you find that privacy settings on your company laptop prevent you from screen sharing, we can transfer your presentation onto one of our laptops and you’re all set.

So we challenge you to come up with an issue that we can’t resolve within five minutes!

Meanwhile here’s to your next stress-free event.

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