Factoid No. 12 - Open All Hours! - Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

Building at Night 2Factoid No. 12 – Open All Hours!

It may surprise you to know that the venue is available at weekends, in the evenings and indeed all night if you need it. In fact one Xmas Eve we were open until 3am on Xmas morning for a group of 100 delegates!

Video Conferencing
There have been video conferencing calls covering all manner of situations, including job interviews, witness interviews for live court cases, banking & legal team meetings and health officials liaising with staff on the islands.
Many of these calls need to take place out of normal office hours – we can easily accommodate those timings and will often resolve technical issues at the other end too!

Edinburgh-video-conferencing-facilityWe’ve been open til 2am for a video conference call to Australia and have hosted successful calls to quite a range of locations like Washington, Dubai, Singapore, and Mumbai (for the Head of the Bank of India).

We have been open every weekend, Saturdays AND Sundays, since 2005. It can be even busier on a Saturday than during the week these days, with many training courses being run at a time that doesn’t take delegates away from their Monday to Friday workplace.

Tea at ETCFacilities
Just because it’s out of normal hours doesn’t mean there’s any less service! You can still enjoy our friendly meet and greet for your guests, on-site technical support, freshly prepared, locally sourced food in the restaurant or in a buffet to suit your needs, fresh Columbian Fairtrade coffee, tea from a selection of 48 varieties including traditional, decaf, fruit, green and organic … and plenty of natural daylight to keep you in the present.

So if you need to organise something for an evening or a weekend, we are positively Open for Business!

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