Edinburgh Video Conferencing Rooms

Video Conferencing Rooms in Edinburgh

Video Conferencing Facilities - Edinburgh Training and Conference Centre

No matter what you are looking for in terms of your video conferencing event in Edinburgh, our conference and meeting rooms can be set up in any style and can accommodate up to 200 people. Our video conferencing facilities will enable you to connect people in different locations to collaborate face-to-face, and share all types of information including documents, sound and pictures in real time. They are easy to use and available 24/7.

Why use video conferencing?

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue allows your organisation to take advantage of the number of benefits video conferencing offers:

  • Save the often significant costs of business travel.
  • More productive use of time, enabling decisions to be made more quickly.
  • Meetings can be called worldwide with little notice.
  • Increased attendance at meetings, with less stressed and tired participants.
  • Brings people together more often, strengthening relationships and cooperation with customers or remote colleagues.
  • Developing global opportunities.
  • Reduce environmental impact through less travel.

What can video conferencing be used for?

You can use our Edinburgh video conferencing rooms for a wide range of business events, such as:

Remote staff training

In the business and corporate sector, video conferencing is increasingly being used to deliver training to a widely dispersed workforce.

Training is always necessary and if you choose to use the video conferencing facilities available at The Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue, you can provide more frequent training to your employees with less stress on the company’s budgets.

Recruitment interviews

If you want to expand your worldwide talent pool by interviewing job candidates remotely, video conferencing is the ideal tool for you.

Video interviewing eliminates the expenses of flying in candidates from all over the world. The sessions can be recorded, giving the recruitment specialists more flexibility and time before making committed decisions.

Sales presentations

Video conferencing enables you to attract customers outside your geographical area without the need for extensive travelling.

If you need the support of your company’s leading expertise during your sales presentation, you can connect them with your customers through video conferencing. This benefits the customer because they have easy access to technical information, which allows them to make a more informed decision and helps you to focus on closing the sale.

Distance learning courses

As flexible learning has increased in popularity over recent years so has video conferencing because both facilitate global access to higher education by helping people to fit learning opportunities into their life style and budget.

Our video conferencing facilities include the latest technology to achieve the best possible learning experience for both students and educators.

Technical or management team meetings

Video conferencing gives you the flexibility to call emergency team meetings with staff from different sites in no time.

You and your team can share information effectively and take fast and well-informed decisions, which means that you can bring your services and products to the market more quickly.

So, if you consider video conferencing for your business event in Edinburgh, bear in mind that we like to make things easy for you, which means that we will ensure that your virtual meeting is professionally facilitated and completely trouble free.

Call Dan or Sarah today at 0131 538 8333 to book our Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue. We can accommodate groups from 2 to 200.

  1. We may record telephone calls for Training and Quality purposes.