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Who Am I?

Who Am I
You’ll know this simple, fun energiser already, but when did you last use it in a training room? Great for larger groups of 8 or more, this 15-minute game requires virtually no props and and plays out according to very specific, easily explained rules.

Things You’ll Need:

1. Pen
2. Stick-on labels


1. Pick a famous name for each person playing, writing it on a stick-on label. Don’t let any of the players see the names until the game starts. The names can represent celebrities, animated characters, storybook characters, historical figures or political personalities.

If your event lends itself to a theme, you could tie the chosen names to that theme. For instance, if it’s leadership training, use famous leaders past and present. There are endless possibilities, but don’t make them so obscure or difficult that people give up.

2. Stick one label on each person’s back without the person seeing who it is.

3. Tell everyone the rules.

  • Each person gets 20 “yes or no” questions to find out who he/she is. For instance, he can ask, ” Am I real person?” “Am I a male?” “Am I alive?” “Did I invent something?” “Am I in a film?” and so on.
  • The questions cannot be either/or questions like “Am I male or female?”
  • The players have to roam around the room to ask other people the questions.
  • They can’t ask only one person all the questions; the point is to mingle … quickly.
  • Whoever guesses correctly first wins the game.
  • No hints are allowed, unless everyone is stuck and can’t figure out who they are.

Vary the game by using the names of objects instead of people and characters. And you may event want to give a small prize to the winner.



Thanks to the HIV/AIDS Alliance’s “100 Ways to Energise Groups” for this idea.

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