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If you love your food, you’ve probably tasted some of the award-winning Scottish produce from Cranachan and Crowdie on Canongate already. Where else can you select from 18 different kinds of oat cake and 12 different brands of Scottish cheese?!

And where else will you find chocolate, hand-made on the southern shore of Loch Tay, and infused with foraged local ingredients like Scots Pine? Or Mojito Marmalade, made with 10% rum and great on toast as well as combined with a salsa or marinaded with fish?

Shouting out to global visitors on behalf of Scottish producers, owners Beth and Fiona stock a massive variety of Scottish food … in fact if it’s not produced in Scotland, you won’t find it in the shop. And they have tasted every single product they supply so they can give the best advice to suit your individual taste buds – or the taste buds of those you’re buying for!

Cranachan and Crowdie - Inside with windowAs well as the opportunity to attend special tasting events, you can taste the most popular product every day in the shop – The Shortbread House of Edinburgh’s hand-made shortbread. You might also have visited the shop on a walking tour with Eat Walk Edinburgh.

And it’s not just food either. There are more Scottish delights including St Andrew’s Pottery, all made by George Young, My Baboo’s Scottish wool tea cosies, Scottish Fine Soaps made with ‘edible’ ingredients like whisky, seaweed and oatmeal (not all in the same product!). They also have wooden gifts from Darach, made from whisky barrel staves that come from Speyside distilleries.

The Idea?

Having run a self-catering apartment near the Storytelling Centre for some years, Beth and Fiona found that 80% of their guests wanted advice on where to go to find genuine Scottish produce. Over a period of time, the recommended shops became more continental in their stock and the Scottish element was diluted.

So Beth and Fiona finally decided to do something about it and Cranachan and Crowdie was launched in May 2012, giving Edinburgh back its truly Scottish shop. They stock traditional products like smoked salmon, smoked venison and haggis, as well as more unusual produce that they have found, all sourced from within Scotland’s boundaries.

The Stories

Beth & Fiona with North Berwick Gin

Beth and Fiona presenting North Berwick Gin

Beth and Fiona can also give you the stories that lie behind every item they supply … who the producers are, how it’s been made, what traditional methods have been used, and even recipe ideas to try.

Ask about condiment supplier Byam Trotter’s recipe that combines his hand-made Mostarda with a little cream and cheese to transform a pork chop. He started his Fife-based condiment business in his parents’ kitchen at the age of just 22.

Ask them about foraging for elderflower, meadowsweet and Scots Pine with chocolate producer Charlotte Flower in Perthshire. She produces chocolate that contains 100% ground cocoa and no sugar.

In fact do you know what cranachan and crowdie are? If you don’t, ask them about that too when you’re visiting the shop.

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