Shinty Boy Dan

Shinty Boy Dan

Shinty Boy Dan

Business Development Manager Dan Shipman will not forget his shinty days on Skye in a hurry, suffering a facial injury in his final match that left him with a broken nose AND in need of stitches! Here he is at the tender age of thirteen with one of his many trophies – this one for being made player of the tournament in a Skye Cup competition.

Growing up on the island, Dan’s speed and agility on the pitch made him the perfect buckshee back, not only for his school but for Skye and Lochalsh. He travelled all over Scotland to compete for both teams over six years, fitting in weekly football matches at the same time!

Dan then embarked unwittingly on a service based career, developing a passion for customer service first in the retail industry. That passion followed Dan during a six-month working trip to Australia, and then landed him in Edinburgh to study for a degree in Hospitality and Tourism, working as a Holiday Rep in both Italy and Holland as part of those studies.

Since that time Dan has further developed his passion and skills in the service sector, organising travel for The Royal Bank of Scotland and coordinating a diverse range of events at the Thistle Hotel, including tour coach lunches and the famous Jamie’s Scottish Evenings.

In October 2006 he brought those skills here and Dan has been an integral part of developing our “If we can, we will” philosophy, consistently questioning what we can do to make life easy for event planners, trainers and delegates.

Just don’t go too close to Dan if you see a shinty stick in his hand!

More on shinty

For any readers unfamiliar with the sport of shinty, the main difference between this Scottish game and that of hockey is that in shinty there is no restriction on where you can swing your stick (caman). This makes it much more of a contact sport, and no surprise that Dan suffered the injury he did.

And a buckshee back is like a half back, sitting in the middle of the field in front of the full back, so he or she has to be able to run ALL over the pitch!

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