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Pet Lambs and Bagpipes

Sarah Hedges with sheep

Growing up on a farm at just about the furthest tip of the North-West Highlands (there she is with one of the sheep), winning the Royal National MOD female solo bagpiper at the age of just 13 whilst simultaneously settling into boarding school 65 miles from home because there was no high school in her home town! Oh and add to that survival in the recruitment industry for 10 years!

We’ll bet you never knew that Account Manager Sarah had such a colourful life!

With her childhood spent right up in Kinlochbervie, Sarah was regularly helping on the family farm and school holidays were varied but busy – lambing in the spring, potato picking in the autumn, calving throughout the year … and collecting eggs every day!

During lambing, Sarah was usually wandering around fields at 5am to check on sheep that were about to give birth. Any lambs that could not be fed by their mothers would be looked after by Sarah and her siblings in the living room, in front of the fire, with a bottle … it was hard releasing them back to the field after that intimacy.

One vivid memory was of a cow having great difficulty calving one day. The VET arrived and immediately ran to get a man in a nearby field driving a tractor. You can probably guess the rest – rope was attached to both tractor and calf’s legs and the poor creature was pulled free. Mum and calf were perfectly fine though and Mum indeed a little relieved!

Sarah Hedges - BagpipesSarah started playing the chanter at 7 years of age and progressed to bagpipes at 10. Having won the Royal National MOD at 13, Sarah was invited to play in the Sutherland Schools Pipe Band with regular rehearsals and public performances. One of those was at the long awaited opening of Kinlochbervie High School in 1995… in front of Prince Charles!

And on that note, with no high school in Kinlochbervie, Sarah had to attend boarding school 65 miles away in Golspie from the age of 13. She loved her time there and believes it instilled a great independence in her. During holidays Sarah added to her farm duties with working part-time in the local hotel as a receptionist and a waitress.

With school finished, she spent a year in Edinburgh doing secretarial legal studies and a further year in Oban as a PA before returning to the more lively Edinburgh. Immediately offered a job with Office Personnel, Sarah began 10 successful years, rising from administrator on day one to Office Manager after 6 years.

Joining us in 2010 as Account Manager, Sarah has brought along her love of dealing with people and delight in delivering great service. Be careful though – her other title is Director of Fun so you never know when you might get drawn into something!

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