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McDonalds and The Army!

Stewart Laing Office

With both parents in the army, you can be sure that Event Coordinator Stewart learnt the art of discipline while growing up, as well as how to keep a bedroom very, very clean! In fact with his Grandad also in the army and his uncle in the Military Police, it’s no surprise that Stewart was keen to pursue the same career … until his ankle injury.

Still only 20 years old, though, and Stewart has already climbed Ben Nevis and has an eight-month old boy called Sean!

He clearly has a lot of energy and he demonstrated that from an early age, playing just about every sport available at and for school, including football, tennis, basketball and even a little bit of American football! He played as a Flanker for Livingston Rugby Club between the ages of 8 and 18 as well as playing for his high school team, playing matches every Saturday and Sunday for one team or the other.

And then he took up cycling too! He cycled with the Edinburgh Racing Team at Meadowbank between the ages of 15 and 17, adding more activity to an already packed week of school PE three times a day, and rugby and football training four nights a week!

You could well wonder how on earth Stewart also managed to learn map and compass skills as well as how to survive in the field, training in the Pentland Hills with the army cadets between the ages of 12 and 15!!

Then came the injury … Stewart tore all the tendons in his ankle when he was 16 and his suitability for joining the Forces fell away. He also went from working part time at McDonalds to a full time position when he was 17, so gradually the time available for sport also reduced.

Stewart Laing and Baby Sean - Big

Not to be deterred, though, he was easily persuaded by his manager to climb Ben Nevis in a bid to raise money for Ronald McDonald’s Yorkhill House. This charity provides free ‘home away from home’ accommodation for families with children at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow. Stewart says he was delighted to help Yorkhill House and really enjoyed the experience … after all the pain had gone away!

He also decided it was time to find a role in a more professional environment, with an opportunity to further develop and demonstrate his customer service skills. He came to the venue nearly a year ago, initially to help on reception and to support the sales team and has already been promoted to Event Coordinator.

Stewart really enjoys living up to our “If we can, we will” philosophy, delivering more than has been expected. And with work sorted, it probably won’t be long before his son will have him back out on the sports field with a ball of one sort or another!

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