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Match the Cards

Lady in Red with Card

This simple, and sometimes loud, 10 minute game can be played in a number of ways to get your delegates alert and energized. You’ll just need to choose some well known phrases in advance and write half of each phrase on a piece of paper or card.

One example would be to write Sacred on one card and Cow on another, or Happy on one card and Birthday on another. For a longer or more challenging game, select longer or less well known phrases and split them across three or four pieces of paper, e.g. The pen is mightier than the sword.

If there are well known phrases that link with your course subject, build those in too.

Game 1: Better with larger groups of 10 or more

Using just two cards for each phrase, make sure that the number of cards matches the number of participants. Put the folded cards into a hat and ask each participant to take a card from the hat. Participants have to find the member of the group with the matching half of the phrase.

You could have a different set of cards ready for a second game.

Game 2: Better with smaller groups or teams

Divide the group into teams of 2 or 3. Give each team all the cards they need to complete 10 phrases, face down on the table. On your command of GO, each team needs to complete the phrases as quickly as possible to beat the other team(s).

You could give small prizes to the winners if you wish. You could also keep a log of the times achieved for each team so that teams from different courses are competing against each other to achieve the quickest ever completion time.

Game 3: Better with smaller groups or teams

This follows the same path as Game 2, with two additional elements:

  • The phrases must be at least five words long
  • At least one word must be omitted from the cards.

Each team has to put the right cards together to complete most of each phrase AND work out the missing word.

There are so many variations you could bring into this game. Have fun and let us know how you get on!

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