Edinburgh Training Venue - Madrid to Edinburgh

Madrid to Edinburgh

Juan, the Edinburgh Training & Conference Venue's restaurant manager.

Restaurant Manager Juan is as Spanish as you could be, despite living in Edinburgh for 34 years! Here he is in the 70’s, in full costume, performing at Madrid’s answer to the Edinburgh Festival– the El Madri Castizo!

He has truly seen life, having completed his National Service in Spain under General Franco, working the staging and lighting in theatre and subsequently learning to cook Tapas in the bars of Madrid – a must-have skill for a waiter there!

In 1978, at the age of 28, Juan married a professional dancer from Edinburgh and made the move here.  And thank goodness for that as he’s brightened up the city ever since, working in a wide variety of hospitality roles.

Many of you will have known him as manager of Parador Tapas in William Street, bringing his culinary and waiting skills to thousands of happy customers over 12 years. Juan served Elizabeth Taylor at Vito’s Restaurant in Fredrick Street in around 1985 and as senior butler to the suites at the Holyrood MacDonald hotel, has seen a few things he can’t mention!

He hosted the opening of restaurant La Banda in Leith Walk as manager and has worked here at the Venue at different times since 2005, so we’re delighted that we’ve finally pinned him down to stay with us, brightening up the restaurant with his friendly face … and maybe the occasional song!

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