Factoid No. 13 - Wonderful WIFI! - Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

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Factoid No. 13 – Wonderful WIFI!

You’ll love the wifi system now installed at the Venue, enabling 500 delegates to access the internet at the same time. That’s about twice as many people as we can take in the building!

AND 100 of them could be streaming video at the same time … although we never have quite that level of demand!

The speed offering has literally quadrupled and the nine access points around the building have created a wifi hotspot throughout the venue, so there is no corner without coverage … you can even check your email in the loos!

Some of the additional benefits …

  • The shared wifi is free to use and has been setup so that no one person can hog the bandwidth – everyone gets the same fair usage.
  • Logging onto wifi has never been so easy. In the past there have been different shared networks for each floor with different passwords. Now there is one shared network and password for the whole building.
  • A fully automated roll-over system means that if any of our 5 high speed lines go down, you could carry on with your course and would not even know the difference.
  • You have the option of a private network if you need it, giving you dedicated, secure, protected bandwidth. Also you may feel more at home when you come in and have a network named after your event, together with your own secure password.

So with decent WIFI still a luxury in many places, we’re sure you’ll be delighted with the access here!

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