Edinburgh Training Venue - From rugby hero to making fabulous cakes.

Rugby Hero to Chef!

Yes, our very own chef Keith Cameron was a rugby star in his youth, quickly progressing from school rugby for Trinity Academy (aged 12, he's the one in the middle at the back), to club rugby in Edinburgh and then onto the honour of representing Scotland.

Chef Keith Cameron

In fact, he was playing for the Scotland Under 18's when only 14, such was his strength and power as a prop forward! Bad luck then hit when he suffered a broken shin and despite going back into training after a year's recovery, his shin could no longer stand up to the pressures of the scrum.

So Keith was forced into retirement at just 15, missing out on the opportunity of an international career. Not that he had been relying on that, having already started training to be a chef from the age of 12!

Keith began training with his father, himself a head chef and owner of Italian restaurant The Jolly on Elm Row in Edinburgh. And loving the environment, Keith studied at college in the evenings after a full day in the classroom so that he could be a qualified chef before leaving school!

Since then he's worked his magic in a variety of restaurants, including his own until we persuaded him to work his magic here. He's already built up a reputation for his fabulous cakes, all home baked every day, as well as his passion for fresh ingredients – he never buys in ready-made food, insisting on making everything on the menu from scratch.

And though he tries to keep fit still with a little walking and swimming, he promises he won't be rugby tackling anyone while he’s working!

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