Easter Science Fest - Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

Easter Science Fest


If you’ve not managed to get to any of the Edinburgh International Science Festival’s events over the last 26 years (yes it’s been going that long), perhaps this Easter is the time to change that.

With a dizzying array of over 250 different demonstrations, sensational shows, exhibitions, talks and even parties that you can participate in, for both adults and children, you cannot fail to find a nugget that will appeal!


If you have children to entertain, the City Art Centre is a draw for the whole family, full of the unique, immersive workshop experiences that the Science Festival is famous for, while the Summerhall stages are bursting with some of the best science performers from around the world as well as technical workshops for older children.

Top Scientists

For adults … well you might fancy the rare opportunities of seeing Edinburgh-based Noble Prize winner Prof Peter Higgs or physicist Dame SciMart-2Jocelyn Bell Burnell, herself one of the most influential scientists in the UK, talking about their experiences in the world of science.

Food & Drink

If you appreciate your food and drink, why not get involved in one of the GastroFest events? Dining on the Wild Side, with TV presenter Alys Fowler and upcoming chef Ben Reade, looks at the science and fashions of “wild” food and includes a three-course gourmet meal (16 April).

Diners can also explore the surprising links between our senses and our taste buds in Sensory Experimentation (9 April) with a series of taste tests designed to trick, and experiments exploring flavour, scent and texture (9 April). Or what about Gin-nomics for Generation Gin – (12 April) examining the distillation secrets behind this rediscovered classic, and tasting a selection of Scottish craft gins!

Game of Thrones

Are you a fan? Maybe you’d like to find out whether real world pyromancers could create green wildfire and destroy a fleet of ships. Or what really happens when royal families inter-breed. Or whether you can actually, really crush someone’s skull with your bare hands. Then an evening on The Science of Game of Thrones (10 April), in fancy dress if you like, Easter Science Fest buskers!could be just up your street.

Danny MacAskill & Terry Waite

You’ve also got the rare opportunity to hear Scottish superstar trials rider and Red Bull athlete Danny MacAskill talking about the nature of focus and what drives him to achieve extraordinary feats (12 April), and former hostage Terry Waite to discuss his experience in captivity with neuroscientist Sir Colin Blakemore in an event exploring mental resilience (9 April).

It’s impossible to do justice to the incredible number and range of events on offer covering space, climate, neuroscience, light, maths … and so much more. Click here for a lot more information including access to the full events listing. And enjoy!

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