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Rachel CanyoningDown Under and Back

There’s more to Receptionist Rachel Lane than meets the eye. With a background that’s included regular horse riding and spending three years in Australia and New Zealand, she has adventure in her blood … apart from the degree in Medical Microbiology!

Rachel has enjoyed more than her fair share of fun, with experiences including Humpback whale watching, sky diving, canyoning, bungee jumping, kayaking with seals, swimming with dolphins in the wild and tobogganing down giant sand dunes. Take a breath.

It all began …
Everything began, however, in the village of Cottingham, just outside Hull, with stables just down the street. Rachel started riding over weekends at the age of 12, owning her own horse for a period of time too. She loved the freedom of the outdoors and when she couldn’t be outside, she would enjoy a different kind of adventure through sci-fi and fantasy books from the likes of Terry Prachett.
She first came to Edinburgh in 2007 to study for that Medical Microbiology with Infectious Diseases degree(!!), but Rachel Horseridingrealised afterwards that a life stuck in the lab would not satisfy her desire to be around people.

Indeed she had already thrown herself into the hospitality sector and now has a vast amount of experience from ten years in a truly wide variety of roles.

Rachel was at Yo Sushi as a chef in the Harvey Nichols restaurant as well as
working in Roti – that upmarket Indian restaurant which has since closed down. At Nandos she gained experience across all areas of the operation, including being one of the original launch team at Edinburgh’s first outlet in Fountain Park. She transferred back to Hull with Nando’s for 2 years, saving up to go travelling.

Down Under

In Australia, Rachel was able to swim on Bondi Beach everyday before and after her receptionist work at Hurricanes Bar and Grill. She also worked in Brisbane at Kingsleys Steak and Crab House and Banana Benders Backpackers (!!!)

In New Zealand Rachel learnt how to make good coffee and latte art as a barista at Café Affair in Nelson. Latte art is the method of pouring steamed milk into a shot of espresso that results in a design on the surface of the latte. Rachel mastered rosettas, tulips, swans and also lions for the kids.

Rachel SkydivingThere was further work elsewhere, including Queenstown at The Flaming Kiwi Backpackers(!!)
She even travelled around both the north and the south island by car, camping in a tent for 3 months on the North Island and 6 weeks on the South, which certainly requires the spirit of adventure!

Back in Edinburh

After a further six months back in Edinburgh at Contini, The Scottish Café and Restaurant in the National Gallery, Rachel felt it was time for a change and to learn something new, so she joined us in October last year. As a people-person, Rachel has enjoyed the customer service side of her role here and loves the family feel of the venue.

She is not planning giving up her adventures, though, and is looking forward to exploring Scotland next, already planning a trip to the Isle of Skye … she won’t be finding any Backpackers Hostels there with names like Banana Benders!

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