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Course Content BingoCourse Content Bingo

This is a great activity for relaxing delegates and creating a light hearted atmosphere whilst checking that the key messages from the event are being retained. It can either be used as the event progresses or it can be used as a 15/20 minute summary activity at the end of a session.


  • Split delegates into groups. (This activity can also be done as an individual activity if you wish).
  • Issue each group with a blank flipchart sheet. (or blank A4 paper for each individual).
  • Ask each group (or individual) to create a bingo grid of 6 rows x 6 columns on their flipchart.
  • They then need to randomly number the boxes 1 – 36 in any order they want.
  • Tell them they also need to think of a catchphrase they will use to ‘buzz’ in. They can choose any saying they want – things like ‘mind the gap’, tickets please’, mine’s a pint etc.
  • Explain that as you work through the course content you will regularly stop and ask a question, based on the key messages being discussed.
  • At these points the groups or individuals need to ‘buzz’ in by shouting out their catchphrase. The group that ‘buzzes’ in first will get the opportunity to answer the question.
  • If they successfully answer the question, they can cross off a number on their bingo card. It is only the team that is successful in answering the question that can cross off a number.
  • The first group or individual to complete their business bingo grid will be the winner and will win a prize of your choosing.

If you want to use it as a summary or review activity – create a list of questions based on the course content. Then at an appropriate time, play a game of business bingo where you read out each question. The above rules remain the same. The only difference is that the winning group or individual will be the one to get a full horizontal and vertical line.

This is a great activity for validating the learning by checking whether the key messages are being absorbed and retained.

It can also generate some healthy competition between groups or individuals!

Thanks go to for this tip.

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