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Chocolate Bar

Chocolate Bar

Here’s a delicious idea for making your training more sticky, quite literally!

Place a bunch of chocolate bars on each table at the end of the day and choose bars whose names can be used in a sentence. These could include Picnic, Topic, Wispa, Boost, Dream, Drifter and Bounty to name a few.

Ask each person to take one and share with the group how their choice relates to the training they have just finished. They could say …

  • “My job will be a Picnic now that I know how to …”
  • “I’ll be able to get more Bounty now that I can …”
  • “I’m glad we’ve covered the Topic of X because I will now be able to …”



Of course you could make this a healthier activity by choosing a variety of fruits!

  • “I’m going to be a top Banana in the area of …”
  • “My job will be more Peachy now that I know how to …”
  • “Knowing how to do X will be the Cherry on the cake …”

Let us know how you get on with this one and feel free to drop into our office with any spare goodies!

Thanks to for this idea.

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