Exercise to warm up delegates - Animal Roundup

Animal Roundup

Animal Roundup - delegates' warm-up exercise

Try this loud, fun and slightly chaotic exercise when your delegates need energizing … you need just 10 minutes, a group of up to 50 people and NO materials or preparation!

  1. 1. Tell group members to silently think of their favorite animal.
  2. 2. Then tell group members that, without talking, they need to arrange themselves from largest to smallest animals.
  3. 3.  Group members can only make gestures and the noise of their animal.
  4. 4. After they have finished, have group members go around and say the animal they were supposed to be to see if it was accurate.

You should see order and unity gradually taking over the noise and chaos!

If you have more than 20 delegates you could split the group in two and turn the exercise into a competition. Both teams would need to be timed, with 5-second penalties awarded for each incorrect animal noise and each incorrect placement within the group.

Have fun!

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