FAQs: Edinburgh Training Centre UK

FAQs About the Edinburgh Training & Conference Venue

Technical Support

1. Can you provide PC’s, network them and install our software?
2. Do you have on-site technical support?
3. Can you provide internet access?
4. Can we get access to the room before the events start?
5. Can the event leader get internet access?
6. How much does technical support cost?

Our Rooms

1. Do all your rooms have natural daylight?
2. Do you have various sizes of whiteboards & flipcharts?
3. Are all the rooms air conditioned?
4. Are syndicate rooms available and are they close by?
5. Can I specify how the room should be set up?

Food and Beverage

1. Can we get coffee and biscuits on arrival?
2. Where will the coffee be served?
3. What types of meals can you provide?
4. Can I specify the time for breaks and lunch?

Administration & Support

1. How close by is public transport?
2. Is there car parking available?
3. What if I have forgotten something?

Event Planning

2. Who will look after us on the day?
3. Can you personally welcome and register our delegates?
4. Do you provide administration support?
  1. We may record telephone calls for Training and Quality purposes.