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Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue takes simple steps to save the Earth

Date posted: 6 September 2012

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By January 2014, businesses in Scotland will be required to comply with the new Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012. This means they must take all necessary actions to ensure that, by 2025, they will be recycling up to 70% of their waste. The Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue is already taking steps to make sure its targets are met.

The zero waste regulations are primarily designed to make Scottish businesses understand their role in the global environmental impact.

Just as enormous financial debt is unsustainable in the long term, so is ecological debt. According to Global Footprint Network estimate, in 2008 the degree to which the global resources were used up was 40 per cent greater than the planet’s annual resources and reabsorptive capacity. Estimates al... Read more

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue brings high-impact communication facilities for impressive presentations

Date posted: 7 June 2012

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue is already well known for its commitment to providing highly valued hosting services for business events. Now the training and conference venue have customised their walls to meet the very latest presentation needs. The introduction of WALLTALKERS means that presenters can now seamlessly mix notes, drawings, feedback and computer images to make the maximum impact with delegates and customers.

This innovation for the Edinburgh training venue means that people can now deliver the high standard presentations that make an exceptional difference in the business world and set the businesses who deliver them apart from the rest.

There are two key advantages to using this system; everything can be larger and can be kept visible in the same p... Read more

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue opens the doors of its video conferencing rooms to help businesses connect

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In a business world with increasing competition, limited budgets, hectic schedules and environmental concerns, video conferencing has gained huge popularity. If you would prefer to conduct your business in a more timely and efficient manner, then take advantage of the superb video conferencing facilities available at the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue.

Located at the heart of the city centre, the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue now has state-of-the-art facilities that include video conferencing rooms and a team of professional technicians. Together, they will ensure that your conference, training session or sales presentation will run smoothly.

Video conferencing reduces travel costs and saves time

Nowadays there is even more need for professional people t... Read more