What matters for trainers when hiring a training or conference venue.

What matters for experienced trainers when hiring a training or conference venue?

There are many trainers in the Universe, from those with little experience running their first event to those who have been facilitating training sessions for the last 40 years. There are many basic needs that are shared in common, that most training and conference centres are able to provide; large training rooms with good layout, excellent lighting, value for money and ease of access. Feedback over the years indicates that there are also important things that trainers want, and only the good and experienced training and conference venues know what they are.

To be left alone

Once the greeting is complete and the session is in flow, the experienced trainer just wants to be left in control. Momentum is very important and no trainer wants to be interrupted by staff, other people looking for their training room or even fire drills. Good training requires smooth flow, and training venues that provide that are preferred.

Training and conference venues that communicate well around fire drills and are well signed so people can find the toilets and don't end up wandering into training rooms, are preferred by experienced trainers as they know they will not be interrupted.


Although experienced trainers know they often have to share the conference venue with other groups, they want their message to go across loud and clear. Experienced trainers are well aware of the dangers of dilution and cross contamination which occurs when delegates get to use their breaks to speak with people from different companies.

Trainers prefer the breaks to continue, reinforce and even strengthen the message. This is why they believe it helps to have delegates sitting in the same areas for breaks and lunch.

Training and conference centres which provide exclusivity during pre-training meet up, break times and during meals satisfy one of the key trainers wants.

Immediate solutions to breakdowns

The most experienced trainers know that even in the best training and conference venues things can go wrong; medical emergencies, security alerts or even power outages or technology breakdowns. The difference with good training venues is how quickly things can be put back on track.

Trainers are very aware that long breaks in delegate attention and concentration can ruin training sessions. If an unexpected break occurs, it's vital that things can be solved really quickly, otherwise the impact of the training will be lost. So, experienced trainers want immediate, on site assistance when things go pear shaped.

Light meals

Every trainer and conference host is acutely aware of the "graveyard session". This is the period after lunch when attention and concentration fall off to nearly zero. While interactivity and fun games can help, it's up to the venue to control correct temperature, good ventilation and most of all light meals.

A training and conference centre which helps provide fresh, motivated delegates – especially for the graveyard session – is one a good trainer will appreciate and hire again and again.

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