Off-site Training Rooms - More Cost Effective Than You Think

Off-site Training Rooms – More Cost Effective Than You Think

Want to get the most out of your training budget? Then you should look at running your events off-site.

Off-site training rooms

One of the key reasons companies do not train their staff away from the workplace is cost. While cutting cost in difficult times makes sense, improving people’s skills and job satisfaction through efficient training represents an investment in your company’s most important asset; your employees.

If training is done ineffectively you can end up with major costs and little gain. Instructors say that when people are removed from their work environment, they are able to get the right balance between information and engagement, which is the key to successful training.

So how come hiring a training room in a specialised location makes such a difference?

Reduced interruptions and productive break-out time

When you use the typical on-site training room, someone will invariably poke their head in and ask to 'borrow' people to handle client phone calls or go into urgent staff meetings. If you want to minimise the risk of being interrupted when you least want it, take your people to a dedicated training venue.

Another benefit of using an off-site training space is that the break-out time can greatly benefit the learning outcomes. Instead of going to their office, people can use the time to get to know each other better, share their challenges and learn what strategies others are using. These conversations can carry back into the session and become part of the discussion.

Specialised training venues do their best to ensure an uninterrupted flow and usually offer break-out space where people can network and share ideas over coffee and a plate of cakes.

State-of-the art technology and on-hand technical support

Technology is one of the key factors to consider when organising any form of training. Training in-house may mean you work with outdated equipment, which can result in technical hiccups
and poor quality presentations.

Off-site locations take these worries away and ensure you have everything you need to create a successful training experience. This includes high-speed Internet access,  up-to-date PC networks and state-of-the art AV technology. Good training venues also provide in-house technical support on call at any time before or during the training session, to make sure everything is set up as you require and the training session runs smoothly.

It makes your people feel valued and improves staff turnover

One of the dangers of inadequate training and low motivation is high employee turnover. A research by Pricewaterhouse Coopers has suggested that the cost of replacing a competent member of staff equates to approximately a year of that person's salary. Studies also show people want to do their best at work, so it's up to the employer to uncover their potential and keep them motivated. Developing your staff’s skills in an inspiring new environment may be just the boost your people need to feel better about themselves and get a fresh perspective on their job.

Investing in off-site training rooms offers the right environment as well as motivation and access to the best learning resources. For many people non-material incentives like quality training in great locations can be just as important as pay in maintaining loyalty and helping them be the best they can be. So find a great location for your next training session and see the benefits of investing in your employees yourself.

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