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Making Life Easy For Event Planners

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We get great feedback from event planners about how easy it is for them to book their Edinburgh events with us. So I thought it might be worth sharing the steps we’ve taken to make the booking process as pain free as possible.

We always like to say YES, but improving the booking process seems to be a matter of removing all the obstacles put in the booker’s way.

If there’s anything else we should be doing please let us know.

Mike Glaire
Managing Director


NO automated phone answering

We don’t have an automated telephone answering system, each call is answered personally by one of the team, usually within a couple of rings. There are eight people in the office who can answer all the phone lines, if we’re really busy I’ll be taking incoming calls as well.

NO voicemail

Ideally the person that answers the phone will be able to help you, if not they’ll take responsibility for getting you talking to the right person. They won’t put you on hold endlessly or put you through to voicemail, we don’t use voicemail.

NO account application forms

You won’t have to fill in an Account Application Form to open an account with us. Just provide a few details over the phone and we can open an account for you, confirming your credit terms, there and then, no waiting, no fuss.

NO payment in advance

Provided that you pass our online credit check, which 96% of our clients do, we will invoice you after the event and ask that you pay us promptly.

NO hassle to confirm bookings

We’re happy to provisionally hold space for you and won’t hound you endlessly looking for a decision. You will get the first option of taking the space before we offer it to another client.

NO minimum numbers for Daily Delegate Rate

There isn’t a minimum number of people for Daily Delegate Rate bookings, so you get a price that exactly matches the number of people booked for your event, even if it’s a little as two.

NO draconian cancellation terms

Check and compare our cancellation terms, clients tell us they are the fairest in the industry.

NO long multi-page Booking Forms

Over 98% of our booking forms consist of one side of A4 paper, making them easy to read and understand.

NO endless Fine Print

Our Terms and Conditions are also just one side of A4 and you won’t need a magnifying glass to read them

NO confusing invoices

The layout of the invoice will be a mirror of the last booking form you signed, each item will match, line by line.

NO extra charges – GUARANTEED

No need to worry about lots of extra charges being added to your bill. The charge on the invoice will be the same as the last booking form you signed.

NO getting passed from Pillar to Post

You will have one point of main contact for your booking and that person will normally be there on the day of your event.

The Booking Team

Dan Shipman

Dan Shipman

Sarah Hedges

Sarah Hedges

Jess Haldun

Jess Haldun

Call Sarah or Dan today on 0131 538 8333 to discuss your requirements and find out how we can help.

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