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Feedback on Our Customer Service

What separates the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue from the rest?

The Edinburgh Training Centre - welcoming and friendly training venue

Professional feedback over many years shows that trainers and delegates have defined and redefined the value of a good training venue. While superior facilities, up to date AV technology and value for money are fundamental requirements, it seems that the final outcome of an exceptional training experience comes down more and more to the quality of customer service. Venue staff who are able to deliver service in a way that make trainers and delegates feel valued and cared for are definitely making the difference.

It is well known that word of mouth is probably the most reliable way to find the best training venue, but it is not always easy to find someone who can recommend a good one in a specific location. In this case, how can the quality of service be gauged from a venue website and what do trainers actually mean by excellent hospitality?

A good training venue will have a service history filled with positive feedback. If you read between the lines, you will see the things that trainers value the most: they talk about staff that take their commitment seriously and consistently deliver excellence with minimal difficulty or inconvenience; they talk about staff who know when to add a little flare and conversation and make them smile; and about venue staff capable of building emotional bonds through intelligent acts of kindness.

If you are to take a closer look into testimonials or customers reviews, there are several things, in particular, that trainers expect from the training venue staff. Firstly, they like to talk to someone who can understand the exact requirements and training goals, so they can create the right environment for learning. An experienced event manager will know what questions to ask to make sure that they understand and deliver what trainers expect.

Then, trainers want their participants to walk into an environment that is welcoming and ready. Simple things like a warm and friendly welcome, directions shown and facilities explained will ensure that people will be at ease in the training room and that they will be off to a very good start.

Making sure that the audience gets the message is one of the most important things trainers want from a training session. Trainers value venues that understand the importance of keeping the training room free from any external distractions; this way, delegates will stay in the right frame of mind to engage and learn.

From little things like not having enough handouts when two extra people show up, to situations when the data projector breaks down during a presentation, the unexpected could be quite stressful for trainers as it can break the flow of the training session. Positive feedback talks about staff that deliver good and quick back up support, and come up with imaginative and effective ways to help.

Clearly, today’s trainers have an expanded concept of the value of a training venue, that includes consistent good service and dependability, prompt response to the unexpected and good-hearted staff who would just seek out opportunities to help. And training venues that learn from their customers’ stories are the ones that trainers will always choose.

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