Factoid No. 15 - FREE Survival Guide - Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

Survival Guide for WebFactoid No. 15 – FREE Survival Guide

How do you know you’re choosing the right venue for your event? How do you remember to check all the details to make sure everything runs smoothly? How do you justify the decision you’ve made?

We believe we’ve come up with exactly the right questions to ask to make sure you avoid the pitfalls that are just waiting to catch you! “Your Venue Booking Survival Guide” brings together 60 year’s experience of bookings, venues and running events to give you all the tips and hints you need to select the best venue.

Just email us to request a copy of this 28-page slim-line guide or give us a call on 0131 625 7150, letting us know whether you’d prefer a hard copy in the post or an electronic copy by email.

Happy Booking!

Learn The 7 Elements for Highly Successful Events

Successful Events need careful planning. Your FREE Venue Booking Survival Guide will steer you through all the questions you should be asking to ensure you have covered each one of these 7 elements.

And to make it an easy reference tool for you, we’ve used these 7 simple icons in the guide to represent the 7 elements …

Survival Guide Icons


… which icon is which though?

1. Your Room

2. Event Support

3. Technical Support

4. Location

5. Food & Beverage

6. Overnight Accommodation

7. Extra Costs

Order your free copy today and see if you’re right!

The 47 questions in this slimline guide will be your checklist every time you or one of your colleagues books a venue.

Survival Guide Room SizesExtra Bonus

There is nothing worse than turning up at a venue to find that everyone is squashed in a room like sardines.

The final section in this guide will enable you to calculate the size of room you need to organise for both your delegate numbers and room layout.

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