Edinburgh Conference Venue – The Perfect Set-up

Edinburgh Conference Venue – The Perfect Set-up

If you've been arranging training days and conferences for some time, you'll know exactly what to look for in a venue. Things like transport access and accommodation are important, but it's vital that the facilities and service at the venue itself are first class. So how do you compare one Edinburgh conference venue against another?

The Right Edinburgh Conference Venue

It's all about making your delegates feel welcome, providing them with the right resources and ensuring that they get the very most out of their time with you and your company. After all, you need to encourage them to come again and to recommend your training or conference to others. When you're comparing venue facilities, you need to consider:

  • Comfort – often, conference rooms are too hot or too cold, lack natural light and are uncomfortable places to spend five or six precious hours of your day. Look for rooms that have easily controllable air conditioning and heating systems, and for systems that are quiet, rather than producing the loud humming noise that can cause headaches or general frustration. Make sure that seating is comfortable and that there is enough space for delegates to stretch out, or to walk around during the day.
  • AV equipment – the right type of AV equipment is an immediate bonus for training or conferences. Big screens that can be seen and read easily at the back of the room are vital, as is good microphone technology, places to plug in laptops and areas where notes can be made so that additional information is available. Reliable, up-to-date IT and AV facilities are a must. Rooms that are clear of pillars or other obstructions allow all delegates to take part fully.
  • Refreshments – delegates need to feel at home in your conference environment, with water, juice, tea and coffee readily available. Make sure that your venue has these refreshments, along with sweets or snacks, available in the room itself so that your delegates don't have to leave in order to find water when they're thirsty. The more comfortable your venue is, the more likely delegates are to respond positively to the event.

Book your Edinburgh Conference Venue Today

Edinburgh has the transport access, accommodation and facilities to make a great conference city, and the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue has the rooms, the equipment and the knowledge to help you create the perfect set-up for your next event. Right in the heart of the old city and with enviable facilities, we can help you to run a successful training, workshop or conference event. Just call us today on 0131 538 8333 or use the links on our site to make your booking today.

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