ETCV - Dan and Sarah Run for RNLI

Dan and Sarah run for the RNLI

Dan and Sarah afetr completing the Edinburgh 10K.

It was great to see Dan and Sarah committed to running their first Edinburgh 10k! Not sure how they ended up doing it, I suspect Sarah dragged Dan out for a hike just for fun and they got an ‘endorphin rush’ which pushed them into a grueling training regime. Or maybe they wanted an opportunity to make a meaningful contribution to the charity that saved the lives of the people they love. It’s probably a mix of the two, plus a bit more.

On the gorgeous sunny day of October 7th our ‘heroes’ found themselves waiting at the start line with thousands of other enthusiastic people. Sarah and Dan were running for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, a charity that has saved more than 139,000 lives at sea since its foundation in 1824. Talking about their motivation, Dan said: “the RNLI have come to the aid of both of our dads and without their help our lives could be very different today”. They were both excited to have friends, family, Mr. Motivator, a huge crowd of well-wishers and even a radio station cheering them on… what an amazing atmosphere!

Speaking to Sarah afterwards, she said she’ll never forget the feelings she had during the run and when she stepped over the finish line: excitement, relief and amazing satisfaction. If you think about it, eight weeks before she could barely run 2k! Sharing the experience with strangers was amazing: people who were crazy enough to run 10k, just like them. And she loved all the support from family and friends. They completed the 10k within their goal time, less than an hour, and still had some energy left to jump around in complete happiness.

Hats off to both of them. But hey, am I totally surprised? They are The Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue’s Account Management Team. Great sports performers are strange species, it seems they smile all the way knowing that the pain is just temporary. If it gets too tough, they just pick themselves up for the sake of the team and their pride.

So what Dan and Sarah achieved didn’t surprise us at all. It’s just them being themselves. It’s them as their colleagues and customers know them: generous, driven, funny, team players and great company.

They raised £767 so far and their JustGiving page is still open until the 30th of November. So if you’d like to grow the world of giving, just visit Dan and Sarah’s fundraising page; your donation will be greatly appreciated.

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