The Conference Venue With a Green Twist -

The Conference Venue With a Green Twist

What would you think if you found something bright and beautiful on your desk to cheer you up for months to come? Before you let your imagination run wild, I’ll just say I am talking about the power of indoor plants to create instant vitality and delight.

We know plants can brighten up your day, not from some scientific research studies but just from seeing the big smiles on our clients’ faces when they talk about the colourful plant displays in ETCV. Our customers feedback inspired us once again, this time to spread the joy and offer someone the chance to be greeted by a stunning display when they walk into their office.

The Conference Venue With a Green Twist

So, everyone who replied to our newsletter in April    got a free entry into our raffle to win this fantastic striped green and purple arrangement. The first name out of the hat was our loyal customer Steve Uphill, who kindly agreed to send us a picture of himself holding up the plant.

The beautiful plant display now lives in the most sought-after place in Steve’s office at Smart Grid operator Flexitricity Limited – right near the filter coffee and donuts! We don’t know yet how much Steve’s new plant helped his mood, what we know for sure is that the picture generated endless smiles from his colleagues :).

If you’d like to find out what’s new at ETCV and be pleasantly surprised, simply sign up for our Newsletter and let us lighten up your day. How cool is that?

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