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This is a great 10 minute review/summary activity that can be used to embed the key messages during a training event, training course or team meeting. It can also generate a relaxed, fun atmosphere and so helps to re‐stimulate delegates.


  • Split delegates into groups of three or four people. (if you only have a small number of delegates you may decide to do the activity as a full group).
  • Issue each group with a blank sheet of flipchart paper.
  • Ask them to create two columns on the flipchart by drawing a line down the middle of the sheet from top to bottom.
  • The groups then need to create 13 rows on the flipchart sheet by drawing horizontal lines.
  • On the left hand side of the flipchart, in the top row they will write the letter A. In the next row down they will write the letter B. This continues all the way down to the bottom with the last letter in the bottom row (in the left hand column) being the letter M.
  • On the right hand column of the flipchart, groups continue the process starting with the letter N in the top row. This means the last letter in the bottom row should be the letter Z.
  • Ask each group to reflect on all the key messages/content they have discussed so far and write down a key message or point for each space, starting with the letter in that space.

Most of the points they record should be positive and confirm their retention of the messages you wanted to get across. Don’t be surprised however, if you get the odd cheeky/silly comment opposite letters such as X, Y, Z. Let this go, as this can generate some laughter and help to relax delegates.

You could consider giving a prize to the best answers if appropriate.

This activity can work really well as a brain break or a consolidation activity, especially after an intense or heavy session.


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