Edinburgh Training Centre case studies, reviews & testimonials

Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue Case Studies

The following case studies have been generated from recent satisfied customers of the Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue and reflect the level of commitment and professionalism we guarantee every delegate, leader and organiser.

Client Name: Sally Clark, The Roberts Partnership

Meeting Type: Video Conference

Nos: 2 in Edinburgh, 10 in Falkland Islands

The Brief

Commissioned to deliver a marketing workshop by the Falkland Islands Development Corporation (FIDC), The Roberts Partnership needed a reliable video conference facility to make the right connection with 10 business owners, 8,000 miles away!


Sally undertook quite a bit of research on venues as well as asking other trainers for advice. Also her husband had been doing a course with the OU at ETCV and said it had been really good – everything worked really well.

She contacted 4 venues to get prices and availability. ETCV were the most responsive, were very professional and had IT support in-house. On top of that, online research showed Sally that their pricing was the going rate.

Visiting the venue with her MD made Sally feel that the technical side would be be easy; she felt they clearly knew what they were doing. In addition, whilst all the venues had cancellation fees, ETCV were able to make her booking provisional and not hold her to dates. This was critical as the FIDC couldn’t be 100% certain they would be able to go ahead on the date set.

What worked really well?

The IT people in both ETCV and the Falklands did two test calls a week prior to the event to make sure the systems would work. And Sally didn’t even need to be there – the team at ETCV updated her afterwards.

The rest of the experience?

“The staff seemed to know exactly what to do, whereas at another venue where I was purely a participant, it was hopeless – we spent a turgid hour just waiting for the video conferencing to be set up!

We were shown very quickly what to do and it all worked smoothly. We had a 3-hour session and booked half an hour at each end to make sure the set up was smooth; next time we would just book for 15 minutes each end as there were no problems.

We also had a comfort break in the middle and enjoyed going to the coffee room for a change of scene. Having apples on offer was unexpected and very nice.”

Use again?

Sally is hoping to deliver more Falklands training using video conferencing and would definitely be happy coming back to ETCV because she knows it works. Also as a relative novice to video conferencing, Sally would be very confident about using it now.

Client Name: Kleen Care

Meeting Type: Training

No’s: 6 Delegates + External Leaders

The Brief:

Kleen Care was opening a new launderette and needed to train the 6 new staff that would be running the shop. They required a professional space, along with decent IT support and in-house catering to keep the team on track.

How was it for the client?

“I’ve used a lot of training venues over the course of my working life and nothing compares with the level of service we experienced here. The facilities were top class and made the training very easy to manage, along with staff that were so efficient and helpful.

It was so much more pleasant having comfortable seating in the coffee area, rather than clinical tables with wooden chairs! Biscuits and snacks were included rather than having to pay extra or go without – the norm at other venues I’ve used.

In fact there was nothing I didn’t like!

“I’m quite convinced that using ETCV had a huge impact on the team. It changed their mindset, made the training more effective in getting the material across and also got across the point that these staff were joining a professional business with certain requirements.

Client Name: ACAS

Meeting Type: Workshop

No’s: Up to 10 delegates

The Brief:

ACAS run regular workshops at ETCV on employment law. These are mostly for up to 10 delegates. The workshops vary from half to whole day sessions and they prefer a U-shape setup.

How was it for the client?

“We have been using the ETCV for our open access training for two years and prior to this used Edinburgh Hotels for our events. We have found the ETCV a very professional organisation and because they specialise in training events offer our clients a much better all round service than our previous venues.”

How was it for the delegate?

“Our delegates have commented on the quality of service they receive and appreciate the care that ETCV take of them from arrival through to departure. Analysis of our delegate feedback indicates that 76% of delegates attending the ETCV found the venue either good or very good.”

Client Name: Writingfortheweb.co.uk

Meeting Type: Training Workshops

No’s: Up to 15 delegates per workshop

The Brief:

Writing for the web runs several web training workshops a year for up to 15 delegates. The meeting room is divided into two sections. One half is set up in a U-shape for screen presentations and discussion. The other half is set up with PC’s for the delegates computer practical sessions.

How was it for the client?

“ETCV staff are very thorough in their preparations for our courses, they are efficient and go out of their way to help us. Everything within the building is close by, and lunch is managed very efficiently – so little time is lost in the breaks. That’s important to us so that we can maximise the training time and give value for money for our clients.The location is not only convenient for people based in the centre of Edinburgh, but also for those who come from much further afield because bus, plane and train connections are close by.Most importantly we keep coming back because our delegates like the facilities at ETCV, and so do we!” Malcolm Davison – Managing Director of Writingfortheweb.co.uk

Client Name: Waitrose

Meeting Type:  Staff Training Programme

No’s: Average 80 people per day over three weeks

The Brief:

Waitrose opened two new stores in Edinburgh to high acclaim. They outsourced their cashier training programme to ETCV over the three weeks run up to opening. With three cashier rooms set up with their latest state of the art EPOS systems the PC’s were connected to their central network. In addition there was one large induction room used between 7am and 10pm. Since hosting these training sessions Waitrose has hosted a number of one-off workshops at ETCV.

How was it for the client?

“Edinburgh Training Centre provided a natural learning environment which is very different from using hotels as we have been accustomed in the past. All of the team were incredibly helpful and friendly and really did exceed our expectations in terms of meeting our needs; including building a partition wall to meet our training requirements. They accommodated our many changes some of which happened at very short notice demonstrating a high level of flexibility and attention to detail, and easily dealt with the volume of people we had there on a daily basis. The food was to a high standard every day, being fresh and appetising. Thank you very much we could have not done it without you!”